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  1. Bank of America Merrill Lynch bumped its price target on Apple stock up to $250 per share from $230 per share on Tuesday, citing confidence in the tech giant's push to diversify its mobile application offerings.
  2. The bank's move instantly intensifies the price war that is occurring throughout the investing landscape. 
  3. These are the roles that policies to address climate change are creating.
  4. Upcoming digital banking groups pose a big challenge to established banks. With banks cutting down on physical retail branches, smartphone banking is the new way to go. But are the big banks ready for this challenge?
  5. GuavaPass founders Jeffrey Liu and Rob Pachter decided they could kick Asia's fitness scene into shape.
  6. One Medical offers primary care to patients who are comfortable using technology to do things like book appointments.
  7. Venture capitalist Mike Rothenberg was charged by the SEC with overcharging investors and using the money for his own adventures.
  8. Tesla CEO Elon Musk needs to delegate more and work with an outside distributor if he's going to make the electric car maker "sustainable," Jim Press, former COO of Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., told CNBC.
  9. Veritas Genetics is interested in the extreme ends of the human experience
  10. Trump's comments come just two weeks after major tech companies suspended or banned conservative radio host Alex Jones.