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  1. sears...

  2. JCPenney

    • J.C. Penney is closing eight stores in states from New Jersey to California.
    • The retailer also revealed this week that it was closing
  3. Amazon warehouse employee

    • Amazon is paying employees up to $5,000 to quit their jobs. 
    • The strategy weeds out
  4. Nordstrom shoe department

    • Nordstom stopped locking its fitting room doors in November. 
    • The move makes shopping easier for customers, but it has led to increased rates of theft,
  5. Sams Club

    • Sam's Club is rolling out free shipping to shoppers with its "Plus" membership, which costs $100 annually.
    • The move comes one month after Sam's Club
  6. Walmart

    • Walmart is cutting some department manager positions at lower volume stores.
    • Many of the workers impacted by the cuts will be placed in
  7. grocery store

    • The Trump administration is proposing to replace cash benefits for food with boxed groceries, which would
  8. Whole Foods delivery

  9. Whole Foods

    • Whole Foods is charging brands more money for prime shelf space and introducing new fees. It has also stopped paying shipping fees for some
  10. Sears store closing

    • Best Buy will get the biggest lift in same-store sales of any retailer if