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  1. Rouhani's previous overtures to Saudi Arabia have had no success and analysts were sceptical at his latest attempt.
  2. Such policies may seem like a quick win with some domestic constituencies, but they are not wins in the long run.
  3. As the militarisation of Kashmir has grown, so have victimisation and radicalisation.
  4. Prime minister says hack that breached parliament systems earlier this month also hit major political parties.
  5. Latest updates as Venezuela plunges into a major crisis amid a growing row over Nicolas Maduro's presidency.
  6. Prabowo Subianto falters after President Joko Widodo asks him about policies to support start-up companies in TV debate.
  7. Media minister denies reported interest but confirms kingdom's sovereign wealth fund held sponsorship talks with team.
  8. Saudi crown prince welcomed by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on first stop of three-country Asian tour.
  9. Controversial move by home ministry comes days after suicide attack on paramilitary forces that killed 42 Indian troops.
  10. Tehran 'explicitly conveyed' to Islamabad it expects 'serious and decisive action' against the Jaish al-Adl armed group.