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  1. Hundreds of people rally in Florida for stricter gun control laws in the aftermath of a deadly school shooting.
  2. More than 1,000 people rally in central Sofia to pay tribute to ultra-nationalist leader Hristo Lukov, who died in 1943.
  3. How will PM Hailemariam Desalegn's resignation affect the future of Africa's second most populous country, Ethiopia?
  4. Russian foreign minister dismisses accusations of Moscow interference in the 2016 US presidential as 'blather'.
  5. At least 13 people die, including three children, when a minister's helicopter crash-landed on way to quake epicentre.
  6. An upcoming ICJ decision on the status of the Chagos Islands may upset both the UK and Mauritius.
  7. IMF chief Christine Lagarde discusses the role of women in the Middle East and changing economic winds in the region.
  8. Federer had not been ranked best in the world since 2012, but his excellent past 13 months will propel him again to the top
  9. Movie critics have praised the film, but cultural critics argue Marvel Studios, and its parent company Disney, may be exploiting black political and cultural movements for their own financial gain.
  10. The fashion industry in the UK employs nearly 900,000 people and the 2018 London Fashion Week includes initiatives to protect those working in the almost $42bn business.