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  1. Officials stopped a shipment heading to Vietnam at Kuala Lumpur airport and also found bones from other species.
  2. Economic situation in Tehran continues to deteriorate due to renewed sanctions imposed by the United States.
  3. China, European Union are latest targets of US administration's use of economic clout as a political tool to wage trade wars.
  4. Analysts say opposition is purged in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan whenever there is a perceived threat.
  5. Six fake websites linked to hacker group associated with Russia shut down by software giant's Digital Crimes Unit.
  6. Turkish president vows his country will not be brought to 'heel' in ongoing dispute with Trump administration.
  7. Malaysian police said disappearance of an item containing radioactive material appeared to have no link to terrorism.
  8. Footage released by state media showed President Hassan Rouhani sitting in the cockpit of the plane, named Kowsar.
  9. Many families in war-torn Idlib province are forced to spend the Muslim holiday in displacement camps.
  10. At least three people are still missing and 23 people were saved, according to Italian rescue workers.