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  1. Friends Sergio Caceres and Daniel Folgar hope to find work in US to be able to afford treatment for their disabilities.
  2. US president says intelligence agencies continue to assess all information on the journalist's killing.
  3. Rights group says activists arrested by Saudi Arabia this year faced sexual harassment and torture.
  4. US president says it 'could very well be' that the Saudi crown prince 'had knowledge' of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.
  5. The 63-year old was arrested for making 'provocative' statements in an interview with Al Jazeera on mass protests.
  6. Attacker detonates explosives at wedding hall where hundreds of religious figures marked Prophet Muhammad's birthday.
  7. US president says Washington will not be taking punitive measures against Riyadh over journalist's murder.
  8. More than 90 refugees and migrants refused to leave rescue ship in a standoff that lasted 10 days.
  9. Critics worry about increasing Chinese influence in the South China Sea and say the government needs to prove that these agreements with China will be worthwhile for Filipinos.
  10. Ethiopia needs both accountability and reconciliation to come to terms with its violent and divisive past.