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  1. Brendan Cox admits inappropriate behaviour that caused "hurt and offence" to women.
  2. Britain's Lizzy Yarnold defends her Winter Olympic skeleton title, as team-mate Laura Deas takes bronze and Izzy Atkin claims GB's first ever medal in a skiing event.
  3. Actors Emma Thompson and Claire Foy are among 200 women calling for an end to sexual harassment at work.
  4. The family of epilepsy sufferer Alfie Dingley say he has less seizures after taking the drug.
  5. Survivors of Wednesday's shooting demand tighter gun controls, criticising President Donald Trump.
  6. The instrument, made in 1737, is worth more than €1m but was returned undamaged.
  7. Ahead of a review of university fees, MPs call for lower interest charges and a return to grants.
  8. A 15-year-old boy and his grandfather, 72, are killed on a level crossing in Horsham.
  9. Prime Minister Theresa May was told "things would be so much easier" if the UK stayed in the EU.
  10. A survey finds two-thirds of drivers would drive through flood water.