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  1. Sir Norman Bettison, accused of blaming Liverpool fans for the 1989 disaster, will not be prosecuted.
  2. Cyber-attacks on US political groups are stopped after Microsoft grabs key net domains, the company says.
  3. The charity received the cash after Richard Cousins and two sons died in a plane crash in Australia.
  4. The chain's new owners agree terms to keep the store on London's Oxford Street open.
  5. An advertisement for Harpic was also criticised by London Fire Brigade boss Dany Cotton.
  6. Some people don't think the Queen of Pop gave the Queen of Soul enough R-E-S-P-E-C-T at MTV's VMAs.
  7. Eighteen members of Windrush generation who could have been wrongfully removed or detained are to get a formal apology
  8. Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew reads out an emotional letter about how a fan spent the final hours of his life listening to coverage of England vs India.
  9. Images from two angles on a nearby building show the moment the motorway bridge came down.
  10. The foreign secretary urges the EU to copy Washington's response to the Salisbury nerve agent attack.