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  1. A father who lost his unborn son is among those remembering loved ones who died in the fire.
  2. The insulation used to refurbish Grenfell should never have been on the building, BBC Panorama finds.
  3. The ex-London mayor, suspended over anti-Semitism claims, says he is "sorry for offence he caused".
  4. The whole bridal party join the newly-weds in three official photographs from their big day.
  5. The top US diplomat sets out new demands to Iran, which says the US is reverting to old "delusions".
  6. Plymouth MP Luke Pollard said it was "very silly" in light of terror attacks where cars were used as weapons.
  7. Auctions for the bags can be found on the website eBay, with some listings reaching more than £1,000.
  8. Disruption for passengers as Great Northern, Thameslink, Southern and Northern overhaul services.
  9. Speaker John Bercow says he respects all his colleagues, including Commons leader Andrea Leadsom.
  10. A group of survivors from the Manchester attack have formed a choir to help them cope with the trauma.