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  1. The top US diplomat sets out new demands to Iran, which says the US is reverting to old "delusions".
  2. The military declares the capital "secure" after clearing a small enclave held by IS militants.
  3. The power couple "will produce a diverse mix of content" for the streaming service.
  4. Law professor Giuseppe Conte is the choice of the Five Star Movement and League to lead coalition.
  5. Shana Fisher endured "months of problems" over the suspected killer's advances, her mother says.
  6. Trying to avoid peak holiday time could mean fines for some Bavarian parents.
  7. At least 11 die and 800 fall ill after eating the deadly fungi in the west of the country.
  8. The hazardous plumes form as molten rock from the erupting Kilauea volcano hits the Pacific Ocean.
  9. Mark Zuckerberg agrees to allow his session with European politicians to be broadcast on the web.
  10. Nipah is "top of the list" of 10 priority diseases the WHO has identified for the next major outbreak.