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  1. House GOP-backed work rules for food assistance have been the biggest hurdle in finalizing the farm bill. And now, the impending Democratic takeover of the House next year has shifted leverage.
  2. A new outbreak of E. coli has hit dozens of people in 11 states. No deaths have been reported, but the CDC says consumers should not eat anyromaine lettuce until more is learned about the outbreak.
  3. Three dozen students have been infected at Asheville Waldorf School — which has among the very highest rates of parents claiming religious exemption from state vaccine requirements.
  4. Two marijuana dispensaries opened their doors to customers 21 and older on Tuesday. The mayor of Northampton, Mass., was the first in line at one store, calling it a "historic day."
  5. Puerto Rico's governor pledged to run a transparent recovery process. But as billions of dollars are on the way, many say there are indications that transparency may not be a top priority.
  6. This month, he visited Lagos and greeted the crowd with a few phrases in pidgin English. What was the local reaction?
  7. President Trump says his administration will continue to stand by Saudi Arabia, despite reports that the CIA believes the Saudi crown prince approved the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
  8. Doctors Without Borders, which operates the Aquarius, "strongly condemns" the request and says allegations of improperly disposed medical and other waste are "unfounded and sinister."
  9. There will be no Republican members of Congress from Orange County, Calif. It is a stunning turn for a county that was once the heart of the state's GOP.
  10. Rain is in the forecast for California regions decimated by the Camp and Woolsey fires. That's a boon for firefighters, but it also complicates matters for evacuees and raises the threat of mudslides.