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  1. Self-driving cars may be the future of transportation. But if they are going to share the road with humans, they have to learn how people behave behind the wheel.
  2. A crowd of about 250 students, faculty and residents stormed the bronze sculpture of a Confederate soldier, using ropes to yank it from its century-old pedestal.
  3. Texas is one of the largest producers of wine in the U.S. But the grapevines in the High Plains are facing a threat that's causing them to twist and wither. And it's coming from the cotton fields.
  4. A female employee says her audio recordings show that Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Melvin Watt held up her pay raise as he pressed her for a sexual relationship.
  5. It is not clear how the woman went overboard from the Norwegian Cruise Star, but the Adriatic's warm water is credited with helping keep her alive for 10 hours until rescue arrived.
  6. Cabello won the night's two biggest prizes, while Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande gave splashy performances. And then there was Madonna, whose Aretha Franklin tribute went sideways.
  7. Michigan's state health department director Nick Lyon will stand trial for involuntary manslaughter tied to the Flint water crisis, Judge David Goggins ruled Monday.
  8. Over the weekend an angry mob attacked Venezuelan migrant camps in a Brazilian town near the border. Ecuador has declared a state of emergency, and closed its borders to those without passports.
  9. The Eagles' 1976 compilation album, Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975, has surpassed Michael Jackson's Thriller for the title of best-selling album of all time.
  10. The tough conditions are drying up huge swathes of land, leaving farmers struggling. Groups of thirsty emus recently showed up in an outback mining town looking for water.