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  1. The European Council president said it was in fact Theresa May who was "uncompromising" over her plan.
  2. John McDonnell says he will create a Treasury unit to oversee the party's plans for more public ownership.
  3. But a source tells the BBC Mr Rosenstein was being sarcastic when he suggested wiretapping Mr Trump.
  4. The pop icon, designer, actress says she "couldn't be more proud" to take on the government role.
  5. Some 200,000 workers missed out on being paid at least the minimum wage rate in the past year.
  6. The woman at the centre of Sunday's nerve agent scare in Salisbury insists her fear was genuine.
  7. A landslide in the Philippines has killed more than 20 people, reducing hillside homes to rubble.
  8. Christine Blasey Ford's lawyer accuses senators of "arbitrary" deadlines over the Kavanaugh hearing.
  9. The US says Assad Ahmad Barakat has laundered money for the Lebanese militant group in South America.
  10. Modern day codebreakers have used wartime methods to read messages scrambled by an Enigma machine.