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  1. Thousands of messages in which diplomats discuss a range of subjects have reportedly been intercepted.
  2. An independent inquiry slams the military for its role in post-election clashes that left six dead.
  3. Shares in Softbank's mobile unit fall 14.5% on first day of trading on the Tokyo Stock Market.
  4. Carme Forcadell allowed the region to debate independence when she was parliamentary speaker.
  5. Wildlife officials think the seals were killed elsewhere before being dumped from a boat.
  6. Vital medicines are flown to a remote Vanuatu village in what will now become a regular service.
  7. Charles Michel's resignation letter comes days after a coalition partner quits over migration.
  8. The family-run charity agrees to close amid allegations that its funds were illegally misused.
  9. After blistering comments, the judge agrees to hold off sentencing the ex-White House adviser.
  10. A call to ban the rapid fire devices followed the 2017 Las Vegas shooting which left nearly 60 dead.