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  1. Student-led March For Our Lives events nationwide draw hundreds of thousands of protesters.
  2. Buses carrying rebels and their families leave the Eastern Ghouta enclave as the government grip tightens.
  3. France mourns an officer who died saving the lives of hostages held by an Islamist gunman.
  4. Lights are turned off every year for Earth Hour to raise awareness about climate change.
  5. Carles Puigdemont left Finland before a Spanish warrant could be executed, a Finnish MP says.
  6. A 10-year-old died after his raft went airborne and his head hit a pole in Kansas in 2016.
  7. The policy scraps his blanket ban but bars those who have undergone gender transition from serving.
  8. They say the document will open the door to same-sex marriage and transgender rights.
  9. US President Donald Trump has imposed tariffs on Chinese goods , raising fears of a trade war.
  10. The US had taken action against 10 Iranians and a tech firm for alleged worldwide hack attacks.