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  1. Raymond Holton, 74, was found alive and well in his apartment at a senior living center when building inspectors showed up to assess damage from Wednesday's fire.
  2. The ruling blocks planned hunting of grizzlies. Judge Dana Christensen said the federal government didn't use the best available science when it took them off the threatened-species list last year.
  3. Hasbro and Merriam-Webster have freshened the 70-year-old reference book by adding 300 new words to The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.
  4. Cody Wilson was arrested in a hotel in Taiwan on Friday and flown to Texas. He posted bail of $150,000.
  5. A spokeswoman said that visitors wearing tampons will be offered pads.
  6. Anthropologist Barbara J. King says Hurricane Florence should lead us to look beyond the agriculture industry's loss of "inventory" and view animals as thinking, feeling — and suffering — beings.
  7. Voter turnout was nearly 90 percent. The challenger beat the incumbent president, who is accused of jailing opponents. The Indian Ocean nation is at the center of a rivalry between India and China.
  8. Ilya Vett, 47, said he was printing the gun for his brother who has a firearms license, according to police. Vett has been charged with attempted criminal possession of a firearm.
  9. Guyger has said she mistakenly entered the wrong apartment in her complex and shot a man she thought was a burglar. She was later arrested and charged with manslaughter.
  10. Derek Black once promoted a racist agenda by making speeches, hosting a radio show and starting a website. His change of heart is the subject of a new book, written by journalist Eli Saslow.