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  1. Steven Falk of Lafayette, Calif., has resigned because he says he cannot carry out policies that fail to address the urgent threat of a changing climate.
  2. Federal Reserve officials have signaled they're ready to raise the benchmark borrowing rate to a range from 2.25 percent to 2.50 percent, a move that would put them at the highest level in a decade.
  3. An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finds that Americans are against the country becoming more political correct by a 52-to-36 percent margin.
  4. A key step in running for president: laying out a foreign-policy vision showing he or she can command the military and keep the country safe. Several likely candidates are hard at work on this front.
  5. As the number of people who inject drugs and share needles has soared, the rate of infection with Hep C has climbed too. Yet many drug treatment patients aren't tested for the liver-damaging virus.
  6. New research shared exclusively with NPR suggests that Pyongyang is refining its weapons technology through open scientific research. China leads the way in scientific collaboration with North Korea.
  7. The review comes in response to an NPR and Frontlineinvestigation that revealed the failure of government regulators to identify and prevent dangerous conditions.
  8. The Senate voted in favor of legislation that would reduce sentences for some drug crimes and offer training programs for prisoners.
  9. After touring the two border facilities where Jakelin Caal was detained before she died, the congressional delegation called for better medical facilities and trained personnel at ports of entry.
  10. The judges acknowledged that the complaints are "serious" but noted there is no existing authority for lower court judges to hold Supreme Court justices accountable.