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  1. “It is the largest bad-loan risk in the country,” said Vinayak Bahuguna, chief executive officer of Asset Reconstruction Co. of India Ltd., the firm which bought the Jharkhand plant from its creditors in 2015, about two years after construction stopped.
  2. “India and Seychelles are committed to maintaining peace and stability in the Indian Ocean region,” PM Narendra Modi said in a media statement with Seychelles president Danny Faure after Monday's delegation talks.
  3. The Bar Council of India (BCI) has lashed out against Justice J Chelameswar for his "controversial" and "irrelevant" statements in the media, three days after his retirement as a Supreme Court Judge, saying such comments are liable to be "deprecated" and "cannot be tolerated" by lawyers.
  4. The CBI has claimed in its appeal that it was "impermissible" for the high court to entertain the bail plea filed by Karti when an application seeking similar relief was pending before the trial court.