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  1. To cope with the higher cost crude imports, India, the world’s third-biggest oil importer, is considering cutting its imports and relying on stockpiled crude, said two refinery sources with knowledge of the matter who asked to remain unidentified.
  2. ICC anti-corruption unit general manager Alex Marshall revealed that of the five international captains, four are from the ICC’s Full Member nations. The ICC also said Afghanistan’s Mohammad Shahzad had been approached during the ongoing Asia Cup with an offer to underperform in the Afghanistan Premier League T20 tournament, to be played in Sharjah in October.
  3. TCS, one of India’s biggest hirers, is changing the way it has been recruiting engineering graduates over the past many years. Starting this year, it has started a pan-India online test — called the National Qualifier Test — and is following that up with a video interview, or a face-to face interview.
  4. The Supreme Court on Tuesday said that Parliament must make a law to prevent persons with serious criminal cases pending against them from entering legislature and be part of law making. It asked the candidates to give wide publicity to criminal cases pending against her/him in the local media, after they file nomination to contest polls.
  5. About 300 people, including 45 IIT Roorkee students, stranded in various parts of Lahaul and Spiti district are safe, a Himachal Pradesh government official said Tuesday.