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  1. A Chinese-made communications satellite became the first "export" of such a spacecraft to an Arab country when it was launched by China on Monday for Algeria.
  2. Memorial days were set up by governments of the war’s major belligerents to remember those who died or sacrificed themselves, and to remind people of tragedies caused by war. Here are ways different countries keep the memory of the wartime history alive.
  3. China, Russia and India agreed to maintain regional security and economic architecture in the Asia-Pacific, according to a joint statement issued on Monday after the 15th trilateral meeting of the foreign ministers of the three countries.
  4. A memorial service to mark the 80th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre committed by the Japanese military during World War II brought together hundreds of activists and members of the Chinese and other Asian communities on Sunday in San Francisco.
  5. Kerry Sui, a 10-year-old Chinese-Irish dancer, and her dance partner Francis Carty are set to compete in Italy and perform on Chinese TV after winning the British juvenile ballroom championship.
  6. A would-be suicide bomber set off part of a homemade explosive device in a subway passage between Times Square and the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown Manhattan during Monday's morning rush hour, seriously wounding himself and injuring four others, police said.
  7. The United Kingdom and China have agreed to raise the limit on the number of direct weekly flights between the two nations to 150 from 100. The UK government said the move was the first of several "open skies" deals struck in an effort to increase trade post-Brexit.
  8. Police said four people were injured as a device attached to a suspected bomber exploded prematurely at the New York Port Authority bus terminal in Midtown Manhattan during Monday’s morning rush hour.
  9. Severe frost, rains and icy roads after heavy snowfall have caused major travel disruption across large parts of Britain on Monday.
  10. Several people were hurt in an explosion in the New York City subway near the Times Square area of Manhattan in early Monday morning.