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A date and time have now been established for a memorial program for Jushi. It will be at UNIVERSITY OF THE STREETS, 130 East 7th Street (at Avenue A), on SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 at 7 pm. An email link is now available to send in inquiries and contact information for those needing more info. It is jushi@graffiti.net, and it will be updated on other areas of this site as well. In the near future it is expected that some kind of working forum or guest book will be set up on this site to capture names and contact information of visitors to the site. So please check back for future updates. 

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To delighted audiences Jushi is not another dish from the Far East, but a dynamic black performer "INTERPRESSIONIST" strutting her multi talented act. The dancer, actress, choreographer, bassist, teacher, story teller, poet is presently one of the busiest performers on the N.Y.C. and tri state poetry circuit. Her interpretations include classics as well as contemporary poetry from Langston Hughes and Nikki Giovanni to Hattie Gossett, Chocolate Waters, Bruce Weber, Patricia Landrum, Roslyn Rabin, Tommaso, Cynthia Andrews and Attiba Wilson.

In only a couple of years Jushi has performed at the Theater For the New City, The Knitting Factory, La Mama's La Galleria, The Public Theater, National Public T.V., Women In Limbo, National Black Theater, churches, libraries, colleges, galleries, and over eighty venues around town ranging from the neo-beatnick to the mainstream literary (The Shelly Society, and eight Barnes & Nobles). Around the country, she has performed in New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland and California.

Jushi (aka June Segal) has performed with her own band in Tokyo, Japan (African Festival) Tachikawa Jazz Festival; danced and taught. She composed, conducted and choreographed for a 60 piece orchestra in a performance for her "End Game", featuring soloist Gary Bartz, Lester Bowie, Walter Davis and Vincent Herron. She made history when she became the first woman to play bass with the reknowned and, until then, all male Sun Ra Arkestra.

Jushi's performances range from the widely comic to the sensual to the occasional lament. With no props or costumes, she transforms herself into a whole variety of characters.

Often outlandish yet believable, Jushi has been described by reviewer Joe Del Priore in the Hudson Current as possessing "a voice somewhere between Carol Channing and Betty Boop with body language Gumby would envy." His review concluded with a thought that may well reflect the reactions of many who have experienced her performances: "She makes you want to sit down and create something."

Jushi has assumed more persons than one can shake a stick at, including King Kong's widow trying to collect a pension and life insurance, a society matron envious of her neighbor, and Sleeping Beauty discussing being married to a necrophiliac.

"Whether she performs her own work or the work of a carefully selected few, Jushi's appearances customarily generate enough electricity among audiences to power every casino in Nevada", Robert Dunn, Poet to Poet editor stated. Her work has recently been published in Tamarind and Curare, Downtown Newspaper and The Aquarian.




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