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  1. People rescued in central Mediterranean to be sent to various EU states within four weeks, Malta summit agrees.
  2. Announcement comes a week after UN chief said an agreement was reached concerning 'composition of the committee'.
  3. At least 178 villages in Madhya Pradesh submerged after Sardar Sarovar Dam reaches maximum capacity, activists say.
  4. War of words over Saudi oil attacks with the US continues as Iranian leaders arrive for the UN General Assembly.
  5. By launching arrests of its supporters and cutting off financial flows to Gaza, Riyadh aims to corner Hamas.
  6. Arab alliance politicians say they won't follow others by recommending Benny Gantz to head new Israeli government.
  7. The WHO says second Ebola vaccine will be used from mid-October, while MSF slams response efforts as 'too slow'.
  8. World leaders gather in New York for the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly.
  9. Clashes between protesters and government forces in Jayapura have killed at least four people, including a policeman.
  10. It has been seven weeks since the Indian government revoked the region's autonomy and shut off phones and the internet.