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  1. The new coronavirus is said to be infectious during its incubation period, making to harder to contain.
  2. A BBC team travels into Hubei province, where the deadly new coronavirus originated.
  3. The government says it is closely monitoring the situation in Hubei province, where the virus began.
  4. Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay tells the BBC he believes the high-speed rail project will go ahead.
  5. Gary Webb was handcuffed and spent a night in a police cell and three nights in prison in 2015.
  6. Matlock Town's Jordan Sinnott suffered head injuries in an attack in Retford, Nottinghamshire.
  7. It comes after the original batch of coins had to be melted down when the Brexit deadline was extended.
  8. But Unite's Len McCluskey also says Labour "never handled the anti-Semitism issue correctly".
  9. In a video, the president is heard saying "Get rid of her!" about ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.
  10. Deals allowing customers to spread payments interest-free are increasing but charities warn of building debts.