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  1. Similar attacks in the past have usually gone unsolved, with police refusing to investigate over fears it could ignite further rioting by Islamic hardliners
  2. General Motors has relatively high inventories of its high-margin vehicles, but the strike is expected to shut down all of its North American facilities quickly and could hurt the US economy
  3. Prime Minister Viktor Orban has tightened restrictions around free media, judges, academics, minorities and rights groups, which the bloc worries weakens democracy in the ex-communist country
  4. The killings have sparked renewed calls for more to be done to prevent political violence in the country, where hundreds of community leaders and human rights activists have also been murdered
  5. The current epidemic emerged about a year ago and took off earlier this year, with most of the cases reported in Orthodox Jewish communities in and around New York City
  6. Group of military, political figures demands United Nations makes arms control top priority
  7. US officials have not commented on the development
  8. Two years after the violent expulsion of more than 700,000 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, the UN says the situation in their home country remains too dangerous for them to return
  9. The memorial is more than 25 years in the planning
  10. Judges acquitted Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Ble Goude in January after ruling that prosecutors 'failed to satisfy the burden of proof' in their presentation of evidence