Here is a directory of free online games to select from and then play. Most of these are HTML 5 games which means they will not require a Flash plugin. When arriving at your game selection allow the game to load which will depend on the speed of your Internet connection. There may be brief ads that will show that is administered by the game distributor, but you will be offered an option to skip ad play. Above all, have fun!


Sudoku Classic game Sudoku Classic

Traditional Sudoku is a 9x9 puzzle grid made up of nine 3x3 regions. Each region, row, and column contains nine cells each. To play this logic puzzle your task is to fill the 9x9 grid with numbers. The classic Sudoku game involves a grid of 81 squares. The grid is divided into nine blocks, each containing nine squares. Solve the Sudoku puzzle by filling in the empty cells with a single number (from all the possible candidates) that doesn't violate Sudoku rules. There is only one correct number per cell. Complete the Sudoku puzzle so that each and every row, column, and region contains the numbers one through nine only once. Use markings to solve difficult grids or the magic wand in case you're stuck. In cases where the solution isn't immediately obvious, you markup or pencil in a vacant cell the possible candidates for future reference. Select between a daily challenge and various difficulties and the Sudoku game becomes a great mental exercise.


Spider Solitaire Classic game Spider Solitaire Classic

The game of Spider Solitaire Classic is played with two full decks, dealing 54 cards (with all jokers removed) are dealt to the tableau in ten piles, face down except for the top cards. The goal is to assemble 13 cards of a suit, in ascending sequence from ace through king, on top of a pile. Whenever a full suit of 13 cards is so assembled, it is lifted off and discarded from the game. The card game is won if all eight suits are played out. Because of the unique challenges of playing this card game, a YouTube video detailing how to proceed will be included with this card game.


8 Ball Billiards Classic game 8 Ball Billiards Classic

Playing 8 Ball Billiards Classic you have a choice between playing with a friend or to play against either an AI computer opponent. The standard rules of billiards apply and you must try and pot the balls in color sequence. Also, select a difficulty that matches your abilities to help with pocketing the balls. The higher the difficulty, the higher the bonus points handed out when a match is won. Aim carefully and use the zoom to adjust the spin of the cue ball. Drag the billiard cue to control the power and try to earn as many points as possible.


Smarty Bubbles game Smarty Bubbles game

Smarty Bubbles is the perfect casual game for all ages. Combine at least three bubbles of the same color to remove them and try to clear the field. Players win by eliminating all smarty bubbles, the best strategy is to go for one color first. Players that have popped all bubbles from one color there will be no new bubbles for this color. Hold the mouse button to show the aim guide that can enhance the bubble shooter technique. Release to shoot the bubble. On mobile or tablet just tap and hold the screen at selected target, release to shoot the bubble.


Archery World Tour game Archery World Tour

In Archery World Tour players can test archery skills with a bow and arrow in a 3D setting. Play in two different modes: select World Tour and enter different archery tournaments around the world. For each tournament won, players progress to the next one. Try to earn three stars in 50 increasingly challenging levels to become a top champion. Or choose the Balloon Challenge mode for quick fire game-play, hit the balloons to progress and earn as many points as possible. Aim carefully, keep a steady hand and watch out for the wind direction and power before you shoot. Multiple distance targets that can move, rotate or obscure the shot are part of the challenge.


Solitaire Classic game Classic Solitaire game

In playing the original Windows Solitaire (aka Klondike Solitaire) the objective of the game is to move all cards onto the four foundation piles, sorted by suit and rank in ascending order from Ace to King. On the field, cards can only be sorted in descending order alternating colors. The basic strategy in this classic card game is to uncover your turned over cards as soon as possible. If you have the option of using a card from the tableau or a card from the stockpile, you will almost always want to use the tableau card.


Bubble Woods game Bubble Woods game

In this bubble shooter game, enter the magical forest and earn as many points as you can in 60 seconds. The player goal in this bubble shooter is to match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to pop them. Play smart and bounce balls off the walls to reach strategically important bubbles - dropping big clusters can give you a huge bonus! Use powerful boosters to score more points. Players that chain 10 bubbles together then you can release a fierce fireball shot.


Mahjong Flowers game Mahjong Flowers game

The game of Mahjong uses a custom set of 144 tiles with Chinese meaning and symbols. At the commencement of play of this multiplayer game, each player is dealt 13 tiles. One continues drawing and then discarding unneeded tiles until one completes what is referred to as a drawn hand. This uses the fourteenth tile and at the end the same is used to form a pair (head) and four groups which is called a meld. One can draw a tile or in some cases it is okay to "steal" it from another player. Play 150 levels in this flowery Mahjong game and try to earn all gold stars. For more help understanding game strategy Google "Mahjong."


Merge Jewels game Merge Jewels Game

A puzzle game by Famobi, merge rocks to turn them into shiny gems, earn coins and try to complete you collection. Uncover jewels the further you progress and extend a collection. Tap repeatedly or wait to get a jewel box, open it and start merging.


zombs royale io Zombs Royale Multiplayer Game

A multiplayer survival game extended from prequel Zombs io, a game where the player defended a home against an endless horde of zombies. This fight for survival is against other human players carrying similar weaponry. The battle royale arena of Zombs Royale is gradually shrinking as you play. The outer parameter tightens every second giving you less room to hide in. Once you move outside of it, your health will deteriorate rapidly. You have to move inward and face all the other zombs royale players trying to kill you.


8 Ball Pool Game 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer Game

At the beginning, you will get some coins for free and you can then use them to enter the game. If you win, you'll get the opponent's coins as well and you will be able to open new parts of the game. The game also brings a tournament in which you have to win three games in a row. With the coins you win, you can unlock new items or various bonuses that will make the game easier to play.

T Rex T-Rex Game

T-Rex Game is an online version of the famous offline long-distance running game by Google. You will have to jump over rocks, cacti and even duck under low-flying pterodyctyls. Time your jumps right, and stay low when you have to in order to run as far as possible. It will not take long and you will be speeding down the track at record speeds. With every step you take your score will go up. With every hundred points you pass, a bell will ring to signal your colossal achievement to the outside world. You can keep going even as day turns into night and night turns into day again.

color tunnel Color Tunnel Game

Goal is to reach the end of the tunnel without crashing. You will have to act very fast to get safely through the gaps at such high speed. Once you have passed the first couple of traps, you will find yourself on different kinds of paths with new objects blocking your way.

Shopaholic Tokyo game Shopaholic: Tokyo Game

In the online games for girls category, Shopaholic lets you move around in Tokyo seek out the perfect clothes that will suit your tastes. Find convenient, cheap and beautiful clothing for the girls. You can buy anything.

Boeing Flight Simulator 3d game Boeing Flight Simulator 3D Game

Live a day in the life of a real pilot. Flying a jet plane, you need to keep in mind many factors, such as your speed, your height and fuel level or you may end up causing a huge accident.

Tetris game Tetris Game

Originally programmed by Alexey Pajitnov, this Free Tetris clone takes you down memory lane and lets you revisit that familiar feeling of waiting for a long single block to clean things out. Move the blocks appearing at the top of the screen to the left or right, and rotate them if necessary to make them fit as you want them. Only if you manage to fill an entire horizontal row does it disappear and give you some room to breathe. If there is even a single square empty, it will just stay there.

Basketball Legends game Basketball Legends Game

A two player basketball game where you choose your team and commence tournament play against the CPU or play fun quick matches against a live opponent. Control your player to perform dunks and three-point shooting to win the game. Use aggressive defensive tactics on your opponent to unsteady your opponent and retake the ball. Make sure to keep track of the "Supershot" bar on the top of the screen. When it’s fully loaded, you can use the special dunk from wherever you are standing.

Grand Shift Auto game Grand Shift Auto Game

Play as a cold blooded criminal going crazy on the streets of a crowded city and just shoot the crap out of cops and civilians walking by, using lots of different weapons. Steal cars to speed around like a maniac and try to complete missions to earn money for more ammo.

Audreys Glamorous Haircuts game Audreys Glamorous Real Haircuts Game

Girls from the city can't wait till they land a place at Audrey's salon. Make their dream a reality and cut their hair in such a way that to make them more beautiful than ever. After the cut, you can change the color of the hair. So get right into it and provide complete service to your customers. Goes well in the online games for girls category.

Lego Avengers Hulk game LEGO Avengers Hulk Game

Take on the role of one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes – The Incredible Hulk. Rampage through the city to destroy cars and attackers, jump over gaps and collect orbs. Keep going until you find evil Loki and defeat him to save the city. Avoid getting hit by the the powerful ray -beam coming from his Loki's scepter and hurl objects at him to bring him down.

Cartoon Strike game Cartoon Strike Game

This is a simple lite version of PC game Cartoon Strike.
Play with your friends or with strangers this first-person multiplayer game (FPS). The game has simple pixel graphics so you should have no problem starting it on any device.









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