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  1. The tablet is a provocative beast.

    Make a big one, and people argue over whether it could replace a laptop. Make a small one, and some users want it to be a giant phone. These conversations have repeated themselves since then-CEO Steve Jobs announced Apple’s ground-breaking iPad in 2010.

    It was a pointless

  2. The rise of remote work is arguably the biggest change in how we work since the introduction of the networked PC. Yet so many unknowns remain.

    When will pandemic-mandated remote work end? We don’t know.

    What percentage of those now working from home will return to office work? We don’t know.

  3. Everyone knows that business travel nearly stopped during the pandemic. But not everyone agrees about what happens next.

    Hotels and airlines are optimistic, saying it's only a matter of time before the sector comes roaring back to its former glory. Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates splits the difference, saying business travel will come back but 

  4. Remote work was forced on many employers last year by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a simple, mid-pandemic consensus that “remote work is here to stay.” But as the crisis fades, organizations will get to choose where employees do their work — now with a new set of tools, expectations, and experiences.


  5. While exploring Mayan ruins and lost cities in the jungles of Guatemala, I emerged from a dense forest one day in search of something truly elusive: a Wi-Fi network.

    The year was 2006. I was with my wife and two sons on the trip of a lifetime, going from one Mayan site to another across five countries over six weeks. I wasn’t on vacation. I worked

  6. Today, social sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook drive the fake news disinformation crisis. Tomorrow they're our best hope for solving it.
  7. The next generation of mobile broadband will neither solve all our problems nor cause new ones.
  8. Large organizations are suddenly hiring for a new position that will change your work life forever. Here's what you need to know.
  9. In the near future, you'll attend meetings in a conference room that exists in your Apple AR glasses.
  10. The coronavirus crisis is driving employees out of the cities and into remote areas where bandwidth is low or nonexistent. Google, Facebook, SpaceX and others all have a dog in this fight.