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  1. The US president makes diplomatic calls after a sixth day of violence in the region.
  2. A warning was given before the tower block, which housed news outlets, was destroyed.
  3. Throughout Covid Ben Kielesinski has taken his TikTok followers on trips around Vancouver.
  4. Conservationists have built an ingenious system to help the endangered Javan slow loris.
  5. Judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi and ex-parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani register for the June vote.
  6. "Well that's it," says Ray Cordeiro in his final radio show, after more than 70 years in broadcasting.
  7. Many of the intended passengers on the repatriation flight were barred after positive Covid tests.
  8. Also scrapped is a Trump plan for a sculpture garden to US heroes, such as Whitney Houston.
  9. Rival Muslim groups clashed over who should lead end-of-Ramadan celebrations, killing one policeman.
  10. The six-wheeled robot has made the hazardous descent to the surface of the Red Planet, China announces.