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  1. Israel and the United Arab Emirates agree to normalise relations in the third Israel-Arab peace deal.
  2. Women take to the streets of Minsk dressed in white as they demand an end to police brutality.
  3. Experts say the risk of transmission is higher because droplets are projected when exhaling smoke.
  4. Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris call President Donald Trump a "whining" incompetent leader.
  5. The French military deployment comes amid Greek-Turkish tension over oil and gas exploration.
  6. The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits falls to 963,000.
  7. A safari group sailing near Dana Point in southern California came across a travelling pod of dolphins.
  8. Daily new infections fall to their lowest level since 20 July, as Melbourne remains worst-hit.
  9. It says Islamists who seized a city near lucrative gas reserves are using local people as human shields.
  10. Thousands of injured, displaced and traumatised children are dealing with the aftermath of the port explosion.