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26 May 2024

Basketball News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Analysis, Depth Charts, Forums
  • Pistons Willing To Buy Out Rest Of Monty Williams' Contract

    Tom Gores is willing to "eat" the rest of Monty Williams' contract, sources told James L. Edwards III and Shams Charania of The Athletic.

    Williams, who was hired last summer, has around $60 million left on his deal.

    Trajan Langdon, newly hired as the team's president of basketball operations, will have the final say on Williams' future in Detroit.

  • Pistons To Hire Trajan Langdon As President Of Basketball Operations

    The Detroit Pistons will hire Trajan Langdon as president of basketball operations.

    Tom Gores is hiring Langdon with sweeping power to make changes to the organization. The Pistons ran a lengthy search, which included coordination with TurnkeyZRG managing director Billy King.

    Langdon spent the past five seasons under David Griffin with the New Orleans Pelicans.

    Langdon will have the opportunity sit down with Pistons GM Troy Weaver and coach Monty Williams and discuss how they can work together with the Pistons.

  • Pistons Have Identified Several Contenders For President Of Basketball Operations

    The Detroit Pistons have identified several candidates as contenders for their president of basketball operations role. Trajan Langdon, Scott Perry, Dennis Lindsey and John Hammond have all impressed in recent interviews with Pistons owner Tom Gores.

    Detroit is also interested in Tim Connelly, who is currently the president of basketball operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Connelly reportedly has an out after this season in his deal with the Wolves.

    Langdon is the New Orleans Pelicans general manager. Perry is currently working for ESPN as an analyst, and most recently worked in the New York Knicks front office. Lindsey is an advisor to the Dallas Mavericks, while Hammond holds a similar role with the Orlando Magic.

    The Pistons are looking for a new front office leader. Interested candidates have been told that they will be given the ability to reshape Detroit's basketball operations department as they see fit.

  • Dennis Lindsey, Trajan Langdon, Marc Eversley Emerge As Candidates For Pistons' Job

    While Tim Connelly is likely the Detroit Pistons' top candidate to run their front office and Jon Horst will not be made available for an interview, a number of other candidates have emerged.

    Trajan Langdon, Dennis Lindsey and Marc Eversley are among the potential candidates for the Pistons, sources tell James L. Edwards III and Shams Charania of The Athletic.

    Langdon is currently general manager of the New Orleans Pelicans under David Griffin.

    Lindsey is in an advisory role with the Dallas Mavericks.

    Eversley is general manager of the Chicago Bulls under Arturas Karnisovas. Eversley was a candidate for the Pistons in 2020 before they hired Troy Weaver.

  • Tim Connelly Likely To Remain With Wolves Unless Pistons Offer Significantly Larger Contract

    The Detroit Pistons plan on pursuing Tim Connelly to run their front office, sources tell James L. Edwards III and Shams Charania of The Athletic.

    Connelly is expected to opt out of his contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves even if he intends to stay with the franchise. Connelly is considered likely to return to the Wolves, but an offer from the Pistons worth approximately $15 million per season could sway the decision.

    The Wolves hired Connelly away from the Denver Nuggets in 2022, but he has an opt-out this offseason.

    The Milwaukee Bucks denied permission from the Pistons to interview Jon Horst for the job.

  • Neil Olshey Declines To Interview With Pistons For President Of Basketball Operations Role

    Neil Olshey declined an interview with the Detroit Pistons over the vacant president of basketball operations position, sources told Jake Fischer of Yahoo! Sports.

    The Bucks declined a request from the Pistons to interview Jon Horst on Sunday.

    It was reported earlier this month that the Pistons were monitoring Tim Connelly's situation with the Timberwolves while also registering interest in Dennis Lindsey.

  • 2024 NBA Draft Lottery: Hawks Win No. 1; Wizards, Rockets, Spurs In Top-4

    The NBA held its 2024 draft lottery in Chicago on Sunday with the Atlanta Hawks winning the top overall pick. The Hawks entered the lottery with just a three percent chance of securing the top pick.

    1. Atlanta Hawks
    2. Washington Wizards
    3. Houston Rockets
    4. San Antonio Spurs
    5. Detroit Pistons
    6. Charlotte Hornets
    7. Portland Trail Blazers
    8. San Antonio Spurs (via Raptors)
    9. Memphis Grizzlies
    10. Utah Jazz
    11. Chicago Bulls
    12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Rockets)
    13. Sacramento Kings
    14. Portland Trail Blazers (via Warriors)
  • Bucks Decline Request From Pistons To Interview Jon Horst

    The Milwaukee Bucks declined to grant permission to the Detroit Pistons to interview Jon Horst for their president of basketball operations position.

    Horst began his NBA career with the Pistons and is a native of Michigan.

    Horst assumed control of the Bucks' front office in 2017 and has made a series of blockbuster trades beginning with Jrue Holiday in 2020 and Damian Lillard in 2023.

    Dennis Lindsey is other publicly known candidate for the Pistons at this time.

  • Pistons To Formally Request Interview With Jon Horst For President Of Basketball Operations Role

    The Detroit Pistons are set to formally request an interview with Jon Horst for their vacant president of basketball operations position, sources told Marc Stein of The Stein Line.

    It is unknown whether the Bucks will grant the request.

    The Pistons have also been linked with Tim Connelly and Scott Perry for the position.

  • Scott Perry Under Consideration For Pistons' President Of Basketball Operations Role

    The Detroit Pistons are considering former New York Knicks general manager Scott Perry for their President of Basketball Operations role, sources told Ian Begley of SNY.

    Perry, a Detroit native, worked in the Pistons' front office under Joe Dumars during the team's 2004 title season.

    The Pistons are also interested in Tim Connelly, Dennis Lindsey, and JJ Redick.




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