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Pandemics that grow from emerging infectious diseases that have recently appeared within a population or those whose incidence or geographic range is rapidly increasing or threatens to increase in the near future, is an area of interest for world health organizations. Emerging infections can be caused by previously undetected or unknown infectious agents that have not reached the tipping point of an outbreak. 

In 2019 a novel coronavirus began to create headlines throughout the world health and medical community. But in fact, within the global community, there are recent pandemics breaking out or raging on at any given time, including but not limited to, Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu, Smallpox, Measles, Influenza (H3N2), Swine Flu, SARS, Whooping cough, Ebola, MERS, COVID-19.

The inevitability of outbreaks and epidemics can be due to factors such as increasing urbanization resulting in dense population areas, population aging that increase the share of those most susceptible to infection and disease, insect and animal incidence that are expanding due to climate change and humans encroaching on animal habitats from deforestation. This page will contain some of the most recent health alert news as it comes directly from world health organizations on the frontlines of combatting pandemic outbreaks, communicable disease threats and other afflictions to human health.

This page will be the portal that alerts you to information through its offering of video content, news feeds, podcasts, maps, charts and a curated Twitter feed drawing on world health institutions sources as Global Viral, International Medical Corps, European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Global Forum for Health Research, WHO, Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness, CDC, Global Virus Network, and many other prominent health institutions on the frontlines combatting or researching cures for infectious disease risks.


The following podcast discusses a global online monitoring system called HealthMap, which uses the power of the internet and crowdsourcing to detect and track emerging infectious diseases, and also more common ailments like the flu.

WHO video channel alerts to disaster hotspots and chronicles their relief work in areas during outbreaks or conflicts treating injuries, preventing illnesses and caring for people's health needs. 

View news and updates from world health organizations battling pandemics and infectious disease through testing, vaccinations, mobile clinics and hospitals, scientific research and collaboration with other public health organizations.


Center for Disease Control (CDC) video series

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Twitter feeds from world health organizations dedicated to combatting pandemics and disease through biotechnology, research, testing, running clinics and more







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