Shoot incoming zombies for as long as you can. Kill zombies to level up and use your skill points to upgrade.

You will get XP by killing zombies. When you get enough XP your rank will go up and you will get a skill point at each rank. You can get upgrades with those skill points in the main menu. Pick up new weapons and power-ups. There are 40 upgrades available.

Enemies will grow in number and strength. Enemies also have a line of sight. If they will just wander around until they see you and will start to follow. When they no longer see you, they will move to last spot they saw you and if they still don’t see you they will just go somewhere else. Enemies are attracted to weapon sounds and explosion sounds. They will move towards the origin of sound. Louder weapons and explosions will attract zombies from far away.

You have a limited Line of sight which can be upgraded with skill points. You won’t be able to see enemies behind you until they are close or you turn around. Beware of other survivors for they can be a friend or foe. Some survivors will spawn randomly during the game. They are AI characters with simple behaviors.


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