Dead Target Zombie Shooting Game is an FPS (Description: first-person shooter) action game set around 2040, after World War III has happened.

The country's landscape has changed and modern warfare has advanced to a new era based on scientific advances with CS Corporation to perform project "Dead Target" to transform prisoners into hardened combat killers. But in a plot twist, CS Corporation reneged on prior agreements and instead threatened to trigger a zombie outbreak if the president did not follow their directives. Another zombie shooter game with simpler graphics but with greater emphasis on hunting and finding the zombies is Zombie Catcher Online.

In Dead Target Zombie Shooting Game you can shoot at zombies from different locations inside the city, hotel, shopping mall, and many other normally populated areas now taken over by zombies. To increase the intensity in this shooting game there are various resources made available, such as sniper guns to kill zombies with a single bullet, use the "smash death" on zombies which are chasing you, 3D shooting and other 3D graphics (with the appropriate system) with detailed textures, slay zombies with epic weapon systems, settings to alter different zombie types, interact with the environment to defend a position and survive, and more.


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