In Temple Run 2 by Imangi Studios, you run, jump, turn and slide through an endless jungle-forest to escape demon monkeys and monsters guarding the temple entrance you seek to explore and pull treasure from.

A run and jump game where you make your way past temples, grass paths, jungle brush, rivers, and onto zip-lines, mines, narrow bridges, and aqueducts, as you are chased by supernatural creatures.

Temple Run's swipe-based controls enable its players to turn, jump and slide their way through the game. The game deploys two virtual currencies – coins and gems – which can be both earned through play and bought using in-app purchases.

Players can slide on zip lines, guide mine cars, and jump to reach power-ups that award coins offering players brief invulnerability. Succeeding at other opportunities, Temple Run players can earn additional coins, which they can use to unlock different characters and power-ups. While coins are valuable to the game, gems are rarer and used for expended resources like restarting from the point a player died at or extending power-ups.

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