The 3D-oriented Cyberpuke is a third-person shooter game inspired by the buzz-generating Cyberpunk 2077 game.

Assuming the role of a special agent, you are immersed in a futuristic city where you will shoot your way through its buildings and narrow streets killing off enemy combatants and mercenaries to reach the extraction point on each level. To do this complete the mission of annihilating the cyber police and mercenaries who have invaded the city. When you reach the goal, you will move on to the new section.

With a big arsenal of weapons at your disposal, protect your back in the 360-degree swivel environment and move quickly through a detailed world and hundreds of dangerous obstacles. Throw hand grenades to clear your path and keep an eye on the enemy combatants or they will kill you without you even noticing in a futuristic world full of traps and other dangers.

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