Lucky Life is a movement-based game that challenges you to guide your selected “hero” character through levels that are full of killer obstacles that will decapitate, shred or smash you to pieces unless you skillfully avoid them in time.

The starter levels in Lucky Life from GameTornado demonstrate the basic moves needed in order to survive. Depending on your operating platform, use arrow keys to move your hero or you can slide your finger in order to start walking, click on your character to stop, slide your finger downward in order to duck and upward to jump.

Each level in this game includes dozens of life-threatening obstacles – blades, stone blocks, killer spikes, explosives, dangerous saws, knives, arrows, etc. – that you have to maneuver through by whatever means, with the goal to survive. In order to collect all three stars, you have to complete the level(s) successfully.

Lucky Life is a survival game similar to Short Life and Short Ride. The game features many short levels. Beat each challenge and reach the finish area successfully. Can you keep your body whole throughout the levels?

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