The Dumb Ways to Die game was first based on an Australian public service announcement campaign made by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to promote railway safety. The game directs players in the best way possible to avoid the dangerous activities engaged in by the game’s various featured characters.

In between poking a grizzly bear or dressing like a moose during hunting season, players must also avoid death around public transportation by jumping back from the edge of a train platform and keeping motorists from driving around railroad crossings as trains approach.

When players of Dumb Ways to Die are able to hold on to their three lives the game becomes more intense in succession and becomes faster requiring quicker decision making, reflexes, and just more challenging the longer the game is played.

As players reach definitive benchmarks, they unlock new characters to populate the game’s train station platform. Scores and screenshots can be shared over Twitter. Dumb Ways to Die really wants people to avoid dangerous situations around trains — and other life-threatening scenarios such as extracting toast from a toaster with a fork or dancing in piranha-infested waters.

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