Flight Simulator C130 Training places you in the cockpit and behind the controls of this foremost military transport and warplane, the C130, which has been adapted to various uses over time. You will learn instrumentation on one of the most multi-faceted military planes in use since 1956. Gaming scenarios reproduce intense and challenging missions tapping your acquired piloting skills to get you through.

Learn how to fly and handle the C130 Army transport and warplane through this game and through the YouTube video series (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmGFu44_Fzk) from FreeOnlineGames. Lessons include: taxiing around the airfield, lift-off clearance and sequence, raising and dropping landing gear, maneuvering safely and quickly using the flight stick and rudder control, acquiring skillsets to quickly slow down flight speed and to land using the air brake, making safe landings on improvised landing areas and in all kinds of hazardous conditions.

The C130 cargo freighter – also known as the Lockheed C-130 Hercules – is one of the most famous military flying wonders ever devised having been deployed in diverse ways, and with many stunt motion picture portrayals in such features as Transformers, Mission Impossible, Raid on Entebbe, Fast & Furious, Terminator, Olympus Has Fallen, and more.


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