Penguin Diner is a fun (and even funny) game where the protagonist, Penny the Penguin, who becomes lost and out of money during an Antarctic trek.

Players will follow a detailed but comic-style storyline of Penny's adventure in restaurant operation. Players are tasked with helping Penny earn enough money to get her back home with her family. This will be achieved through the diner work she undertakes as a waitress. The game guides you on how to start seating customers and taking their orders. Click customers to seat them, serve them, and finish up by clearing tables and picking up tips to provide space for new customers. Fill customers' orders quickly and efficiently for top scoring. At each level in Penguin Diner, the challenge increases with more customers to keep track of and higher tips required as you progress.

At the end of a game level, you will bank the money from tips or use the game-earned currency to browse a catalog and purchase upgrades. Have fun dressing Penny up in waitress uniforms. Serving customers quickly keeps them happy and earns Penny bigger tips that help her reach daily targets. Advancing into the game business at Penguin Diner picks up and the pace becomes fast and frenetic. Although a fun game, over time and with repeated gameplays your mind begins to pick up the pace, routine, rigor, and details involved in running and working at a successful restaurant. The start of Penguin Diner gameplay has an intro and orientation, and there is a walkthrough video included near the bottom of this page for more tips. Time management games like Penguin Diner train important brain skills such as task switching and reaction time.


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