Metal Slug, a game that falls very much in the category of run and shoot with aspects of tower defense, while offering the availability of a large selection of weapons to choose from.

Metal Slug has a preview video you can watch before starting gameplay. The game uses a 3-button function to shoot, jump, and toss grenades. The player starts each mission by being prompted through a setup by a pointing finger and ends with a simple handgun with ammo and grenades. Throughout the missions, the player can find several weapons which are more powerful but have limited ammo, as well as ammo and grenades.

Metal Slug Players can interact with a weapon stock system where the player can carry more than one weapon at once, being able to switch between them by using a button, and also able to discard any weapon. A combo system gives players multiple points for the destruction they carry through. Each of the Metal Slug characters is given their own unique special skills, such as carrying more ammo or grenades or performing special attacks by using a button combination.

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