In Square Bird by GameBake Ltd, you click to lay square eggs that boost your bird’s height and prevents it from hitting raised barriers or crossing steep drops. Your goal is to reach the finish line without crashing onto the obstacles.

You must guesstimate the correct amount of eggs to drop from Square Bird to help you to avoid and get past the challenging obstacles. You successfully end a round of play by reaching the barn intact where you can collect your winnings. As the game progresses, you will need to use sharper judgment to use the right amount of eggs to get past more challenging obstacles that appear on the Square Bird path. Square Bird will be enjoyed particularly by kids, but it can also be played by anyone attracted to a run, jump, and shoot game with challenging obstacles.

The more levels you complete, the more currency you get, which is used to buy new skins for your bird and levels. Fever mode is activated when you make three perfect landings. Fever mode makes Square Bird shoot blocks ahead to destroy everything in your path. This shooting makes it much easier to get through the level, but you still have to look out for big drops and other obstacles that aren't affected by the blocks you shoot. Get fever mode as often as possible to score big points.

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