In Mirror Light, a game of light physics by Playmous, you must redirect an energy stream to an empty battery so that it can be recharged. You reflect and manipulate an energy stream of light through a shooter to solve the puzzle of charging the battery. Charge the battery completely to move to the next level that offers increased challenges and rewards.

To advance through Mirror Light you will need to adjust the angle of reflection to bounce the light energy beam across the mirrors and then onto the battery through each level that increases the difficulty of its placement. Observe each level carefully, before moving the mirrors into a position that will allow you to redirect the light beam that will hit the battery. Once the battery is fully charged your mission is complete.

Each advancement to a new level challenge in Mirror Light will require you to adjust the accompanying mirrors so that you will be able to fire bursts of light across them and then unto the battery. Throughout the gameplay, you will use a variety of ways by which you will be able to reflect the light and increase the game score. The complexity of Mirror Light will grow in difficulty, so there will be a lot of new obstacles to figure out.

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