Rotate is a platforming web game made by Light Wolf Studios in which you manipulate gravity to climb and jump your way through a rotating labyrinth. The game utilizes a map-rotating ability by which the user can complete a series of levels while avoiding spikes and saw-blades and flipping switches to open or close doors.

In Rotate gameplay, you navigate challenging levels while in a constant 360 degrees motion. You must jump to land on rotating platforms and dodge the oncoming spikes and other moving obstacles to successfully complete each level. In addition to the spikes, there is a small ball that you must control to avoid colliding with the spikes. The end goal is to reach the exit door safely in each level to complete that level and move onto the next.

Choose a shape you want to play with (circle, triangle, square or hexagon) and rotate left or right to avoid spiked objects. Rewards to collect include diamonds and other achievements that will appear, such as ball protection, extra life and more. Rotate is generally termed a puzzle-platformer game. Platformer games are characterized by their level of use in jumping and climbing to navigate the player's environment and reach their goal.


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