In Shaun the Sheep Sheep Stack from AGame you must stack sheep up to the window of a tower. You catapult the sheep by pulling the pants harness they jump into which then launches the sheep into the air and into a neatly stacked position. The goal is to stack them one on top of another until they reach the window.

The winning strategy behind Sheep Stack is to reach the tower window with as few sheep as possible, in the quickest time possible. The game tests your target hitting and balancing skills as you get to launch Shaun and the rest of the flock from a slingshot harness in the form of a pair of short pants, and then balance one sheep on top of the other.

Take on advanced levels with obstacles and challenges that could make your sheep stack topple. Avoid treacherous platforms, swinging see-saws, tumbling tyres and slushing water-wheels while you battle to keep the sheep balanced and upright as you build your sheep stack.

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