Salazar The Alchemist is an engaging puzzle game by RoboWhale. Over time, Salazar has combined elements, ingredients, and just about anything he can find to create new substances. He's been searching for the Philosopher's Stone all his life but will need assistance.

Combine three or more elements of the same type to get a new advanced element to help Salazar derive the mysterious ancient artifact he seeks. You will need to combine different elements in chains to get more perfect ones. Combine three of the same elements create a new one. Use power-ups and your knowledge of magical mystical elements to create this ancient artifact.

Each merge awards tokens that will allow you to buy boosters, which in turn can be used to get out of difficult situations. You can play the game free online on your computer, Android devices, as well as the iPhone and iPad. Salazar is a great game for young people, but most anyone will be drawn in by its challenging puzzle scenarios.

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