With the stakes being high such as in the UEFA Championship League, a soccer team gets a free kick when the opposition commits a foul against them. In Euro 2021 free-kick edition you will open gameplay by selecting your soccer team to compete with.

The Euro 2021 game setup will ask you to set the direction of your kick, height of kick, and curve of the shot if necessary. The soccer ball will curve in the air so you can aim just outside the goal and the ball will curve into the net for a goal. To defend you click gloves when they appear. After the initial settings, the game board opens to show the soccer field with opposing team defenders in front of the goal post set to defend your kick.

Use your computer mouse or touch screen to kick and defend. Because a soccer free-kick can be a valuable opportunity for a soccer club to create a goal, they will usually make sure one of their best players takes the kick. View the FIFA 21 vs PES 2021 Free Kicks Comparison YouTube video below for more on the techniques of executing the free-kick to better understand the game's settings and implementation.

Watch the accompanying video below to pick up game tips and tricks for this sports-oriented game.

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