In Mazes by Dumadu Games, you simply guide the dot through different routes of a labyrinth in this brain puzzle game for kids and adults alike. Avoid getting trapped in the maze using your smarts and fast observation to find the right path to escape the maze.

To begin play, analyze the start point and endpoint. Tap the arrows on the round ball object in the direction you wish to move. To finish the levels in this entertaining game, you must discover the correct path and reach the star. You may pick from four different difficulty levels throughout the game.

When you've mastered the maze's logic, you may go on to the basic, medium, or advanced modes. The mazes grow in size as the difficulty level increases. There are 20 levels to complete in each mode. The bigger the mazes are, the more path options you will encounter.

A quick “How to play” tutorial and game orientation is offered at the start of the game. For more gaming tips and tricks check the longer video tutorial below.

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