Bubble Pop By QKY Games is a puzzle and strategy game where you connect three or more similar bubbles and then pop them to reach the game objectives before the timer runs down to zero.

For each level, there are some objectives that you should complete. You can check them from the top of the game screen. Buy power-ups, boosters, and bubble packs to acquire enhanced capability. Obtaining power-ups can help you complete a level faster. Match as many bubbles as you can before the timer runs out.

The time bar is situated at the left top of the game screen as well. Once it runs out, you fail, and the game is over. Avoid clashing with the scary ghosts that look to block you from getting to the bubbles. You can also match different numbers of bubbles to acquire more capability into the game that can help you to complete the level faster. Improve your skills to complete each level and collect rewards in the special mode.

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