With Funny Faces from MarketJS gaming, you have 5 seconds to remember the projected face, and then drag and drop the assigned face parts into the correct reconstruction.

Funny Faces is a game kids can enjoy, but it can also be ideal for entire families to take part in. Aside from the drag and drop to reconstruct a face, players get to work on hair, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, glasses, mustache, and more. Each level is designed to be more challenging to solve than the last, presenting increasingly complex faces to reconstruct the Funny Faces images.

At the start of play, gamers are given 5 seconds to remember a drawing of a person’s head. The player has to remember its details within this period. The parts of the head and face are then jumbled on one side of the screen. The player has to reassemble them back to the original within 45 seconds. The game ends when the puzzle is solved, or when the time runs out. An interactive tutorial is available, and there is a video game walkthrough for further tips and tricks a short scroll below the game.

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