Manage the Open Restaurant by attending to customers, using table and management skills. Take the orders, serve the food, then collect the cash. This is a restaurant simulation game where players serve guests and try to make a daily earnings goal each day.

Placing the right customers at the right table, with the right action at the right time can help you earn maximum money in the industry. When the food is ready, serve and collect cash. Click when guests appear to seat them. Click to take their orders, collect their payments, and clean the table. When food is ready from the kitchen bring it to the table of the diners.

After you click on the begin button to begin Open Restaurant, you then follow the appearing prompts to serve guests as the head waiter. Tap on the menu to view how many guests are in a party and then tap on a table to seat them. When a food icon appears above the table tap on it to take the order. When the bell rings retrieve the food from the kitchen and bring it to the table of the diner. When money appears above the table tap once to receive the payment and tap again to clear the table.

The Open Restaurant has a daily earnings goal to meet to complete a successful day. More difficult levels make it harder by balancing seating, serving, and collecting money from restaurant guests quickly enough to satisfy them and make it to the next day. Quick and efficient service is essential to make restaurant-goers happy and coming through the door. View the helpful walkthrough video below for more tips and tricks.


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