The aim of the Tile Mahjong game is to match each tile with the same symbol in pairs. Tiles in the digital game replace playing cards of traditional and regional variations and are imprinted with images of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Only an opened tile can be connected.

In the Tile Mahjong game, you pair up the tiles to clear the board. Matching three tiles with the same picture will reset the game and you move on to the next set. You can select only those pairs which have at least two adjacent sides open.

Be aware that two Mahjong blocks that are too far apart cannot be connected together. To help the player recognize the playable tiles, these are highlighted on the board. When a tile becomes playable, its colors will brighten, making it easier to spot.

Moves within gameplay are timed, so speed is essential. Connect the Mahjong tile set while you race against the clock. Link as many together before time runs out in each and every level. Put them into groups of two or more to remove them from the board. For more help, insights, tips and tricks on the Tile Mahjong game watch the helpful walkthrough video posted below the game.

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