Octagon is a 3D perception game that presents a challenge in the form of a set of reaction-testing trials.

In each stage, you encounter an endless octagon path in which you must guide through by swiping left and right. You are trying to avoid a gap in the path that will cause you to fall through and end the challenge. If you need to transfer to a platform directly above, then you swipe up to trigger a leap to the ceiling. If you can survive sixty seconds, you will cross the finish line.

Though Octagon is a game about reaction, everything happens very fast. You must discover the navigational keys that will control the rolling ball through the octagon based on whatever operating platform you are playing on – whether it is mobile or desktop. Rather than relying on speed and agility, a sound game strategy is to memorize each level by playing through repetition. View the game walkthrough posted below to gain a better orientation of how to play the Octagon game.


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