Spades from developer MarketJS (also called Call Bridge) is a trick-taking card game derived from the Whist family of card games where thoughtful strategy certainly counts toward winning but there is also an element of luck (probability) that is needed. It is played typically played by four players in bridge-style partnerships.

Understanding rules that govern Spades' play is vital to smart game strategy. Although Spades can be a wide-ranging card game with a number of variations as well as variations to its rules, this Spades version is a classic four-player online Spades game where you can team up with an AI bot, make your bids, and play against AI bots.

Spade rules and their variations are too numerous to layout here. For further Spades walkthrough strategy, tips and tricks, videos have been posted below to help you better understand game maneuvers and rules that can help you become a better online Spades card player.


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