OvO from Dedra Games is a platformer and obstacle challenge game where speed counts a lot to do well. Each level is full of very difficult obstacles and traps which you need to avoid and hurdle. Run up walls and jump over ledges to make your way to the planted flag to complete the level.

The operation of the game is straightforward but may take some time and reps to master. You only need to use the arrows to control the Stickman-like character's jump, slip, forward and backward movement. Your ultimate goal is to fetch the flag of the terminal. The difficulty of the level will increase, and you need to use your rehearsed skills to get through each level.

Moving traps, obstacles, and various kinds of contraptions will get in your way of reaching the flag. There are 52 theme-based levels to explore. Reach and hit the planted flag to signal the completion of a level and to move onto the next. You are timed for how quickly you can reach the flag at every level. Becoming successful with the OvO game will probably take some time to develop jumping and diving skills through repetition on whatever device you are most accustomed to playing the game on. A walkthrough video posted below should help with learning tips and tricks.

Find all of the coins available within each level to gain maximum points. The further you progress the more skins and achievements you will unlock for use in the game. OvO is also a community-driven game. Play levels from the community and join a community at this link.


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