Water Splash is a Cool Match 3 adventure. Match water balloons of the same color as many times as possible to defeat the crocodile villain Mr. Croker who invaded the Animal city and blocked the town's waterway.

Do this to help the adorable otter Oris get back the water that was taken away. Match as many water balloons as possible with Oris to defeat the crocodile. Clear levels and bring water back for Oris and his friends in the Animal City. In Watersplash gameplay, you match three or more balloons of the same color or as many as you can.

Match four or five balloons will give you powerful and special boosters shooting a strong water stream like a fountain. Use the Dart, Color Balloon, Toy Shovel, and Rubber Ducky to remove obstacles such as mini crocodiles, dolphin throwing tubes, and rubber cones. Eliminate all the obstacles and win additional levels. For more tips and Water Splash game cheats view the helpful video walkthrough posted below the game.


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