Number Block by MathNook is another cool math game where you are challenged to figure out what blocks to combine to come up with zero in the final block.

Combine Number Blocks together horizontally and vertically such that the last Number Block has zero in it. If a larger numbered block is moved to a similar numbered block then the resulting block will have the difference of the smaller number subtracted from the larger number. If a smaller numbered block is moved to a larger numbered block then the resulting block will have the sum of the two numbers.

If two equal numbered blocks are combined then the result will be the difference between the two (zero). Use touch or the mouse to drag blocks together. Controls on each level allow you to backtrack one move at a time or restart the level. The Clear Data button on the Levels menu allows you to reset the game back to the start where only level one is unlocked.

For additional walkthrough help, tips and tricks, there is a YouTube walkthrough video posted below the Number Block game.


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