In Blob Runner from YAD.Com, your goal as you run the course is to skillfully maneuver past stationary and moving obstacles so that they do not cut off and diminish your blob form. You also want to run through and collect all blob jellies positioned along the course to gain and add to your blob mass.

If you can’t escape from the obstacles and lose a limb, or a few, they can still be regained as you move along the course. The blob figure can continue moving despite losing limbs. Just make sure to clash through all jelly particles along the way to regain and build upon your Blob Runner form since being smaller makes it more difficult to finish a course and make the final leap.

If you get to the end of a level and you’re not massive, there’s a good chance you’re not going to get all the way to the 10x marker at the end of your leap. Keep an eye on the gauge at the side of the screen – if it gets below half then aim for the highest, closest multiplier, otherwise, you might end up with 1x that you should avoid.

You want to focus on making yourself as big as possible because that’s going to get you a higher multiplier when you get to the end of the level. Get bigger, stronger and add super jelly to collect special rewards. View the walkthrough video posted below to understand the tips and tricks you need to know to do well at Blob Runner.


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