Candy Crush Saga online is a puzzle game where players match three or more colored candy pieces referred to as jellies. At first glance, Candy Crush may seem like a simple child's game but success in Candy Crush Saga requires board analysis and planning skills.

Players must skillfully pick their moves that set off the quickest means of clearing the board of jellies. In levels where all jelly must be eliminated players have to examine the grid and look for the best sequence of moves that eliminate jellies as quickly as possible. Players move/swipe candy pieces either horizontally and vertically, and when a candy match happens the candy disappears causing surrounding pieces of candy to fall into the empty spaces.

Through skillful maneuvers and board analysis, players can get a chain reaction of candy crushes resulting in bonuses from increased scoring and power-ups. Moves and alignments must be horizontal/vertical. The level's objectives must be met before the player runs out of moves (or time on timed levels); in each case, the player must earn enough points to get the first star (out of 3) in the scoring system.

There are more than 100 levels of gameplay with different game modes that mix up the goals and maps of the levels so that there is always a fresh challenge. The game also uses deceptive obstacles to challenge players, like covering candy in jelly that must be eliminated before the candy can be matched. A helpful walkthrough video has been posted below the game to show various tips, tricks, and Candy Crush Saga cheats to raise your score.

Candy Crush has a popular Facebook following for fans of the game to exchange views. The Candy Crush Facebook fan page is posted here to enable visitors of this page to gain insights from this enthusiastic member community and provide more details about the Candy Crush Saga game than are on this webpage. Players can take on the saga by themselves, or they may connect with Facebook users to play against others to test their skills and see who can dominate the leaderboard. The game has spinoffs, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, and Candy Crush Friends Saga.


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