To successfully play Chain Cube 2048 3D merge game online, you shoot and hit the number block with the same color and number to merge numbers, grow the number chain, and earn points. You must merge blocks of the same color and keep playing until the numbered blocks sum up to 2048 or more.

Chain Cube 2048 is another cool math game for anyone who likes challenging brain teasers and logic number games. In this 3D cube merge puzzle game with realistic game physics (how the cubes bounce up and down when hit) in which you shoot the same number and make them a high number, all you have to do is shoot out the number blocks and merge as many as 2048 to win the game. Swipe left or right to shoot at the same color to aim precisely with your 3D die and group blocks together to merge and start a new kind of cube

You have to shoot numbered blocks and dice until the number reaches a total of 2048 or more. Shoot your dice into another block of the same color and number. But if the colors or numbers are different they just bounce off each other. You need to reach at least 2048 to get a high score to win. But you don't have to stop there. Keep playing and merging the blocks to accumulate more points to beat your own record.

Remember that if the blocks cross the red line, you will have to start the stage again. So patiently aim to shoot precisely. Unlock many unique skins for your chain cube and even play using animal cubes, easter eggs, and more. Make sure to view the brief but informative walkthrough video posted below if you need further tips or tricks to help with Chain Cube: 2048 3D merge.


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