Real Flight Simulator game offers realistic engines and jet propulsion physics in operating today's high-performance jet planes. The 3D flight game features a choice of jet fighter planes to choose from that you can fly off the runway and test their weapon systems as well while you hit top speeds and perhaps maneuver through a few barrel rolls.

Real Flight Simulator from Jul Games has onscreen prompts on the start-up and runway taxiing for the high-performance jet plane model you choose to fly. You will control the flight attempt through the keyboard combinations on your computer or handset device. Additional flight controls are listed within the game.

Flight controls from your keyboard:

  • Turn on the aircraft lights (Press Z)
  • Lower flaps and slats if available (Pres X)
  • Start-up the engines and wait for the startup sequence to complete (Press C)
  • Throttle up the engines (Press V)
  • Release parking brakes (Press B)
  • Rotate once takeoff speed is reached-above 150 knots (Press Down arrow)
  • Raise landing gear above 100ft (Press M)
  • Continue with normal flights
  • Roll using AD
  • Pitch using WS
  • Yaw using QE
  • Engine Throttle using RF
  • 1 to change weapon
  • 2 to lock target
  • Left CTRL to fire
  • F1 to restart
  • F2 to main menu


Follow the game instructions and experience the challenges of what it takes to fly a high-performance jet plane. The game has realistic simulation details and can offer a pretty close look at what it means to take the controls of planes that can be difficult to fly, but very easy to crash. In addition, you will have two onboard weapons to use.

The purpose of flying through simulation is not to completely substitute for actual flight training but to orient and familiarize students with the flight vehicle concerned before they undergo the actual expensive and potentially dangerous flight training. The simulation also is useful for review and for familiarizing pilots with new modifications to existing craft. A useful walkthrough video for Real Flight Simulator is posted below for further gameplay familiarization.


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