Atari Missile Command is a (retro) classic arcade game having first appeared in 1980. A player's six cities are being attacked by an endless wave of ballistic missiles.

You must save the cities by fending off enemy attacks from your missile command center. In this modernized Missile Command version, from three to six players at a time can build and deploy their supply of missiles and interceptors. And each round, the players can negotiate with each other to draw up (temporary) alliances and truces, while trading funds and military hardware.

Counter-attack by firing missiles from your launchers to destroy enemy artillery. But getting through the early first rounds successively only increases the challenges. Planes drop missiles and mortars, drones appear with special explosives and evading missiles. Surviving and earning 10.000 points will earn you a bonus city offering the enemy more of a challenge to destroy the entirety of what you have. But when all cities are destroyed it is game over.

With each advancing level, your points will get a multiplier of x1, x2, or even x3, upping the stakes on your behalf. For each city that survives you will earn 100 points, and for each remaining missile five points each. This game has enhanced gameplay for mobile devices by way of modernized graphics.


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